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Birthdate:Jun 21, 1989
Location:Clinton, South Carolina, United States of America
Website:SPN: The Every-Fic Meme
Fandoms & Ships
Legend of Zelda: Link/Zelda is my OTP, but I'll read just about anything if it's written well. (I've fallen in love with Link/Malon fics, Ganondorf/Zelda fics, and even Midna/Zelda fics.) I like both boy!Shiek and girl!Shiek. Ocarina of Time is my favorite game.
Final Fantasy: I've played 1-6, 9-11, and 13. I ship a LOT of different things, but my main ones are Edge/Rydia, Cecil/Kain, Bartz/Faris, Edgar/Locke, Sabin/Celes, Zidane/Dagger, Marcus/Blank, and Fang/Lightning. On FFXI, I play a tarutaru WHM on Bismarck server called Elyssaru. Hit me up!
Heavy Rain: I ship Norman/Ethan (Jayden+Mars=JARS) hardcore. I don't like Blayden. I friend!ship Norman and Carter, though. I also really like Blake/Ash (Blash).
Supernatural: Sam/Dean, Dean/Cas, and Sam/Cas. Sam/Dean/Cas really just solves all my problems. Also like Bobby/Ellen, John/Bobby, John/Mary (<3 ;_;), Sam/Jess, and pretty much anything else that's written well enough.
Other: I used to be big into FMA, but not so much anymore. Love Golden Sun and have a million ships for it, but there's really not fandom for it. I've watched the hell out of Buffy and Angel, but I've never really done fandom stuff for it. Also if there is anybody in this universe who wishes to cross over Supernatural and Heavy Rain, for the love of Chuck, PM me!

-I am ambidexterous. Sort of.
-I am asexual, panromantic. (I think.)
-I have both failed a grade and skipped a grade.
-I have random bursts of insomnia.
-I have four cats. Obviously this doesn't help my insomnia much. My cats like to wait until I've finally fallen asleep and then do something loud or annoying to wake me back up.
-I like slash, I like het, I like femslash, I like gen, and I really like the mental/emotional aspect of three-person relationships.
-I wear glasses. Like, I wear glasses like Velma wears glasses. They're thicker than your windshield, probably. I can't see shit without them.
-I wear lots and lots of tye-dye.
-My room is...COLORFUL.
-I can and do eat ramen with nearly anything.
-I can say the alphabet backwards, without cheating, just as quickly as you'd be able to expect one to say it forwards.
-I know a little Spanish, a little Japanese, and a little American Sign Language. <3 Unfortunately, I'm only fluent in English.
-I love puns and bad jokes. The worse the pun/joke, the more I love it. My favorite one is the one about the kayak. Ask me about it sometime. :D

I am constantly striving to get better at what I do; writing, drawing, you name it. Anything creative I do I'll be posting here; and please feel free to let loose with any constructive criticism you have. I'll never get any better if I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong! (Trust me, I'm thick-skinned. I can take it!)

All my non-fandom things are locked. Not because I'm a particularly private person, but because I want to make it easy to follow my journal for fandom purposes if you like my work. :D Behind the f-lock are lots of memes and some complaining about my family. If you'd like to be friended, comment here! Easy! <3

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